In need of a reliable and affordable supplier of custom crates, pallets, table, boxes, etc? Then look no further! SCS will supply all of you crating and pallet needs.

Some of our current products would include; new pallets and skids of all configurations, crates of all shapes and sizes, potato & agricultural bins, etc.
As a local business we understand that the agricultural business is a feast or famine type of environment. So you need a dependable, reliable, supplier of boxes and crates that will not let you down.


Custom Crating and Pallets

Our proud experienced manufacturing staff is the foundation for giving our customers service and satisfaction no matter size requirements. Our Design team can design and build your custom wood products, or we can work with you to engineer a product to your specifications. Our skilled teams work together to engineer the highest quality products, manufactured to protect your valuable cargo. By understanding the facts about your company's needs, Sandhills Consolidated Services is able to minimize costs, protect your valuables from damage or loss and allow you to effectively transport your goods in the most safe, professional manner. While exceeding customer expectations on quality, delivery, and affordability, without regards to the size of their business, our ultimate goal is to provide reliable service, quality products, and remain a competitive source for all shipping needs.