Potato Bins

Sweet potato bins

In need of a reliable and affordable supplier of Potato Bins, Agricultural Bins, Apple Bins, Cucumber Bins, etc? Then look no further!

SCS will supply you with the bins you want, the way you want them, and when you want them. We strive to ensure what we promise never falls short. As a local business we understand that the agricultural business is a feast or famine type of environment. So you need a dependable, reliable, supplier that will not let you down. Well welcome to our team. We work close with the growing community to ensure we keep supplying the grower with what he needs when he needs it. We offer a number of solutions for the everyday need of the grower. We offer a turn key delivered box with all the bells and whistles. We will build the parts and ship to your location so you can assemble in the down time of the winter. We will even come to your location to provide training on how to assemble the box to ensure satisfaction. We also supply the precut wood to assemble yourself, if that's what fits your needs. So give us a call and let's start the savings.

potato bins, North Carolina